What You Must Know Before You Travel to See the Ayers Rock

The Ayers Rock, or Uluru, is one of the UNESCO Heritage Sites in the world that can be found in central Australia. The Uluru is known to be sacred in the Aboriginal culture, specifically to the Yankunytjatjara and Pitjantjatjara people. The Uluru served as a physical witness to their traditional ceremonies and rites.

How to Get to the Ayers Rock

The Ayers Rock has been one of the major tourist attractions in central Australia. There are three (3) major ways to get to the Ayers Rock: Fly, Drive, and by Bus.

1.   Flying to Ayers Rock

Of all the ways to get to the Ayers Rock, flying is your fastest option. You’ll get impressive views of the Rock. Flying to Ayers Rock is convenient, easy and accessible.          A one-way ticket to Ayers Rock can cost around $160. Promotions are also available on some selected dates and tickets would cost $130 each way.

2.   Driving to Ayers Rock

Thinking of the best way to get to Uluru, might as well consider driving. If you have

more days to spend in Uluru, you can always consider driving because there’s so much to see on your way to Uluru. Experience fun and freedom of a road trip!

The downside of this option, is, of course, the cost of fuel. Also, you must have two extra travel days to cover your road trip to Uluru.

3.   Bus Ride

You want to save up some cash, but wanted to see the Ayers Rock? Well, riding a

bus is the answer to that tiny problem. If you go for this way, note that you can only catch a bus from Alice Springs.

What to Do in Ayers Rock

Climbing the Ayers Rock has been controversial for so long. While tourists would like to climb the vibrant red-orange rock, the Anangu people (or the traditional owners of Uluru) won’t allow it because they see Uluru as a sacred rock in their culture. Some tourists climbed the rock before, but they didn’t succeed because, at some point in their hike, safety was a question. Effective on October 26, 2019, the climb will be permanently closed.

Other activities can be experienced in Uluru, such as:

  1. Taking a cultural walk;
  2. Helicopter flights;
  3. The Kings Canyon;
  4. Skydiving; and
  5. Stargazing

Ayers Rock Package Tours

Traveling to see the Ayers Rock has never been so convenient! Package tours are being made available to tourists. Ayers Rock package tours range from cheap to 5-star luxury kind of tour, from one-day super quick tour up to a 5-day or more itinerary. This is so to accommodate different types of tourists.

Package tours in Uluru cover all activities and sites to do and see. Some packages include accommodations, and these would depend on how much your budget is.

Best Time to Travel to Ayers Rock

The best time to visit and see the Ayers Rock is between May and September. The weather is a bit cooler than the rest of the months. Hence, it would make your travel easier and safer. In these months, the colours of the Ayers Rock are crisper.

During summer, the weather is extremely hot, making it tiring to walk. It is recommended to carry a ton of water as the weather is dehydrating.