The Best Places to Visit in Australia

If you plan on visiting Australia in the near future, there isn’t a shortage of activities to take part in or beautiful things to see. Tourism in Australia is a booming industry with much to offer all who visit. You may instantly think of Kangaroos or Crocodile Dundee, but Australia has a lot more to offer than what you have seen in the movies or on TV. You can experience everything from amazing road trips to waterfalls and national parks. As a tourist, it is impossible to run out of things to do. Here are some places you should visit on your trip.

The Blue Mountains

If you are ready to get out into the wild and explore nature, then the Blue Mountains are a beautiful place to start. The mountains are only about 90 minutes from Sydney and can be visited over the weekend or on a simple day trip. You may want to take the time to walk through Wentworth Falls. There is a lot of scenery for you and your family to explore and it won’t take a long time.


If you want to take the family out to experience beautiful farmland, Bathurst is a wonderful place to start. You can experience the cattle markets and true peace and quiet. Many tourists ignore this region, but it is one of the original sites of the Australian Gold Rush.


When it comes to Australia, it is impossible to bring it up without talking about Sydney. It is Australia’s largest city and contains several glorious beaches, great food, and exciting activities. You can take the time to visit Coogee Beach or Bondi Beach to enjoy the scenery and the rockiness of the beaches. There is also the Sydney Tower where you can look down onto the beautiful scenery if you are not afraid of heights.


Melbourne is a hot spot for tourists and residents. Even though you will experience diverse types of weather in this city, it doesn’t take away from the tourist attractions. You are sure to find an exhibit, concert, or show to enjoy while you are in town. There is a wide variety of restaurants with all several types of cuisine to choose from. You will not run out of things to do in Melbourne.

Sunshine Coast

You cannot visit Australia without taking a stroll through the Sunshine Coast. You can experience the glorious white beaches, delicious cafes, and a multitude of places to shop. If you do not feel like heading to the beach, you and the family can go mountain hiking or check out the waterfalls and swimming holes.


Brisbane has everything a tourist could want to experience in their visit to Australia. It is not as expensive to visit as the other major cities. You can experience the beautiful white beaches or enjoy some culture by checking out their performing arts scene. The Brisbane Story Bridge is also something fun to do if you are looking for an adrenalin rush.

There are many unusual places for tourists to visit when they go to Australia. Tourism in Australia will always an extraordinary experience. It is impossible to run out of fun things to do if you take the time to enjoy the scenery.