Aboriginal Tourism

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There is a wealth of secrets and mysteries to be unfolded when it comes to the ancient Australian Aboriginal culture. This is one of the oldest living culture of the world that dates back at least 50,000 years. People today have begun to discover the unique pleasure of getting to explore about this culture and lifestyle through the Aboriginal tours in Australia.

You can visit the Northern territory to discover the places seeped in Aboriginal history and tradition. The walk from Australia’s Red Centre to the base of Uluru, with the help of an Anangu guide is going to be truly enlightening.

You can also browse the Aboriginal art in Alice Springs. The Arrernte people have lived here for 20,000 years. The intricate rock galleries throughout Australia are going to provide you with a wealth of details about the culture and the life of the Aborigines. You will also come to know about how they have evolved since they first set foot in the continent.

The Northern Territory

The Northern Territory is seeped in the history of the aborigines. The landscape has a beautiful, yet rugged and foreboding quality to it that gels beautifully with the history and tradition of the people. The place is a melting pot for various cuisines and cultures, where you can explore the Aboriginal rock art of World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park. You can also explore the rain forest of the area, while you stay in the Red Centre of the town of Alice Springs.

Other things that you can explore while you are in the Northern Territory are the wonders of Uluru-Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon, the cruise that you can take down the vast Katherine Gorge. You can also pan for gold at Tennant Creek and look at a variety of wildlife and colourful characters.

Australia's Red Centre

The majesty and the splendid isolated beauty of the Red Centre of Australia are breathtaking. The red monolith at the centre of Australia is scared to the Aborigines here. The monolith takes on various spectacular colours during sunrise and sunset, making it a vision that should not be missed if you are interested in Aboriginal tours of Australia.

You can start your outback adventure at the heart of Red Centre in Alice Springs, where you can join a safari, or peer into aboriginal tradition with the help of their arts and other structures.

Undertaking the Aboriginal tours of Australia will be a truly life changing experience that is meant to show how the culture of the aboriginals have been passed on through the centuries – through their art, music, myth, dance and through the rich heritage of the land itself.

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