Share the Power of the Whales

Join in the Magic of Whales in Hervey Bay

Take a Whale Watching Tour in Hervey Bay

Tourists coming to Hervey Bay are in for an amazing journey. Each year, humpback whales migrate from the cold waters of Antarctica to enjoy the warm waters of Queensland. The really fortunate part for tourists is that the whales make their stay in Hervey Bay the longest of all the whale watching season. From August to November, tours are available every day.

That season starts in late June and continues until mid-November, during which time the mother whales teach their calves how to survive in the ocean, and to relax and rest before their migration back to Antarctica. This gives us time to go watch the whales as they use Hervey Bay as a birthing area and kindergarten for their newborn calves.

What to Expect? Expect the Unexpected!

This is where tourists can enjoy a spectacle of nature that is so moving, so powerful, that it will stay with them for a lifetime. If those tourists have a bucket list to fulfil, this is definitely one of the places to go. People will be able to see the playful, majestic whales interacting with their curious human counterparts.

It’s easy to get up close and personal. People can either paddle out on surfboards or ride in canoes or rafts, and enjoy the massive, majestic whales in their natural element. This is nothing like a documentary on the television. Not at all! This is an in-your-face experience like no other as these gentle giants frolic with one another, and sometimes, with their human visitors.

Humpback whales are extremely intelligent and very curious. It’s not unusual for them to come up to a boat, roll on their side, and look directly at the humans in the water beside them. This is a breathtaking experience that will be forever cherished. Be sure to take a camera on this trip. Envious friends and family members will be delighted to share these experiences, even if only second-hand.

The humpback whale is also known to be the most acrobatic of its seagoing companions. They display their skill by breaching water, tail- and fin-flapping, and spy-hopping. When out with them on a raft or boat, be ready to share in their fun. Some of the adult whales have been seen to breach water from twenty to thirty times in a span of just five minutes. With them frolicking right beside those lucky tourists, it’s impossible to not be drawn into their joy at their heart-stopping antics.

Listen and Enjoy the Songs of the Sea

One of the most wonderful experiences is to hear the songs of the whales. Their vocalisations are typically done during breeding. Only the male whale sings, and each different family of whales has their own song. Each family’s males sing the same songs year after year, though their annual songs may have slight differences. These songs can last up to thirty minutes and can be heard from many kilometres away. This is definitely a must-see (or hear) experience for any nature lover.

When all is said and done, and tourists slowly head back home, they can take home the memories of a lifetime. It’s time now to come enjoy the whales in Hervey Bay, so make a reservation soon!

Waterfront Accommodation

In taking a vacation, many keen travellers would like to reserve an accommodation that offers outstanding services. The traveler knows that poor quality accommodation will sap away at the beauty of their memorable visit. Firstly, the accommodation should be a place of luxury and excellent reception service. That’s simply a must for anyone. However, another significant aspect of an excellent visit is where the accommodations are situated. Visitors now stress that perfect lodging is also one with a fascinating view and an exciting outside region. This is because, in many ways, the view of an accommodation truly decides the value of a travel experience.

Waterfront Accommodation:

Many hotels are situated in areas with a waterfront because it gives visitors a unique experience. These hotels are either next to a river, beach, or large pool areas where the customers can spend quality time. A waterfront view is the most suitable areas for customers to engage with a mood of relaxation, fun, and natural resort. Hot baths or small internal pools, are refreshing and fun, but a waterfront allows the customers to wander around and bask in natural beauty. It is for these reasons that waterfront accommodations are more expensive than ones with a plain view. In addition, waterfront hotels take pride in their natural and cultural heritage that the visitors can discover. Inside the hotels, the beauty of waterfront resorts is no less mesmerising. Very often, these hotels decor and set the accommodation in beach-like summer design. From furniture, room design, to food, a waterfront hotel will create for you an experience that is refreshing and luxurious par excellence.

The Beauty of Waterfront View:

The beauty of the waterfront of accommodations exceeds that of all others in its charm, resources, and fun. With a view over a beach or large body of water, the accommodations become open to a refreshing natural air and healthy sunlight. The visit is likely to be the best because you can capture the life-changing moment during the day and particularly during the sunset. A waterfront view is simply irresistible and the very label of a well-deserved travel or vacation time. More important, you can have a great time in cafes, restaurants, and lounge places nearby such an accommodation. With a view over water, any fun activity will count as a special experience, whether it is relaxing in the open air, eating, or just having a nice cold drink.

Services in Waterfront Hotels:

Unlike hotels with ordinary views, waterfront hotels can host a variety of activities and plenty of fun resorts. For example, in the region of the beach or body of waters nearby the hotel, there can be many water parks or water activities. Children and adults alike can play and relax to watch. Furthermore, the services are multiple as the facilities, local stores and restaurants offer food and a place to pass a memorable time. Inside the accommodations, the quality of housekeeping and room services is also as good as any other professional hotel. These accommodations, given their high standards, ensure that their customers are completely satisfied and willing to recommend them to waterfront hotels enthusiasts. As such, their reception, as well as room service, will follow after your needs and demonstrate a very welcoming and friendly customer service. Finally, the accommodations are equipped with all luxurious and comfort necessities. Whether it is WIFI, swimming pools, air conditioners, or music resorts, your stay in Hervey Bay accommodation apartments will be a relaxing as well as an exciting experience.

Great Ocean Road Bus Tour

Enjoying the Scenic Beauty

There are several reasons why you must take a great ocean road bus tour. You get to witness some amazing sights the likes of which are few and far in between. The great ocean road is a stretch of land some 250 km’s long. It boasts rain forests, beaches, trials and a light house along the way. The road is a rich in beauty yet it also allows you a glimpse of the colourful Australian culture and some dash of the Australian history as well. And connoisseurs of gourmet food can enjoy the delicious cuisine on offer. There are so many gastronomical delights to choose from

So how do you choose an ocean road day tour? There are so many great ocean road tours you might wondering which one would be okay for you. It’s simple, just keep the following things in mind when selecting the best tour services.

Choosing the right great ocean road bus tour

If you are looking for some day tour contractors, just keep these things in mind

  • Get to know how much they are charging for the tour. Then get a look at how much other contractors would charge. Choose a tour which is within your budget. However, make sure you don’t go for the cheapest option. You might find yourself in a bus seat which isn’t too comfortable and a guide who isn’t providing you with all the information that you want about the place. Also a great tour should be one which is truly memorable. Don’t be too afraid to shell out some extra cash for that.
  • Get a list of stops the bus tour offers. There are loads of thing to be seen along the great ocean road. If you want to stop over at a particular place you might need to make sure those places are listed on the number of stops which can be expected. Choose tour which offers you at least few of the places you are interested in seeing up close and personal.
  • Also you might want to check out reviews about particular bus tours. The best way to do that is take a look at customer reviews left by people who joined the bus tour. Get to see if they are hay with the services they received.
  • Ensure that the tour offers you the true essence of the scenic route. After all you just can’t expect to keep sitting still in the bus while it rambles along barely stopping over and letting you get a chance to observe things at leisure. A hurried tour is not meaningful at all. So ensure that you are on a bus tour which allows you to view the scenic beauty and also stops over at a few places so you could take some memorable pictures.
  • Get to know the timings and whether those are feasible for you or not. Also there are tour buses who pick you up at a particular pint while some would pick you up from your hotel or resort only.

Whale Watching Tours in Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay is a small town in Queensland, it is also known as the whale watching capital of the world. It is the best destination to see the humpback whales. The whales stay here for a long period. The whales relax and play with the whale watching vessels. Whale watching and accommodation are available in Hervey Bay and Fraser Island.

The experience of watching the whales is magical, it has grown in popularity over the last decade and whale watching tours are now available from whale watch provider Spirit of Hervey Bay. Hervey Bay is special because you can have a direct and personal experience watching the whales.

In other destinations, the whales are taking part in their Antarctica annual migration in Hervey Bay. The whales usually stop over for several days. Hervey Bay waters are protected by World Heritage listed Fraser Island. Whether you have passion for whale watching or just want to experience a new thing on holiday, you’ll love it.
There are available deals and packages to cater for your need. The deals will enable you to go for a lifetime trip without spending a lot. There are many services available like underwater viewing rooms, waterline viewing services and hydrophones to listen to the whales singing.

There is so much beauty in close, personalised with the largest yet most beautiful creatures on earth. The coastline of Queensland makes for memorable family holiday. It is said in the waters of the Antarctic that Queensland is a destination that is best enjoyed like a mulled line, in the cooler months.

Humpback whales use the calm, protected waters around Frasier Island as a calf kindergarten to teach their young ones adulating. The whales time their visit each winter from the month of July into November. The whales are everywhere resting and playing in the calm waters sheltered by World Heritage listed Frasier Island; this is the best time for you to visit.

There is always a celebration to welcome the arrival of the wales in Hervey Bay; this is one of the events under the annual oceans festival umbrella. During Paddle Out for Whales, many people float into the bay on kayaks, surfboards, bright inflatables and SPUs to raise awareness on whale welfare and the conservation of marine environment.

Whale parade and concert, Hervey Bay Sea Food Festival and the blessing of the feet are some of the big festivals that make up the oceans festival in August. You can choose to stay on the mainland or on the Island side for a whale watching weekend. Humpback highway cuts through the Fraser Coast real estate.
If you choose to stay on the mainland, Ramada Hervey Bay, Mantra Hervey Bay and BreakFree Great Sandy Strait are the nice places to stay. On the island side, the Kingfisher Bay Island Resort is another good place to stay.

There is also an option for camping in the 45 camping areas on Frasier Island if you do not mind the early start because you will have to cross over to the other side.

Choosing the Right Transportation Service

When you are travelling from the airport to your hotel or home, it’s necessary to have a ride already waiting for you. After all, who wants to run around looking for a taxi after arriving all tired and jet lagged from a flight. The comfort of having a taxi waiting for you to transport you towards your destination can ease your mind. Even those who travel alone prefer to travel in comfort. People with families, especially small children know how hard it is to calm the little ones. With a taxi service waiting for you at the airport you can simply bundle the kids in and enjoy a cool and comfortable ride.

So how do you choose the right airport transfers in Wollongong?  Just keep the following things in mind

  • Make sure to look up all the limousine airport transfers in Wollongong. Check out the websites. This would help you get all the necessary information.
  • Take a look at how much would they charge for an airport transfer. Keep in mind that the farther you are away from the center the more would you be charged.
  • Get to know what kind of rides they offer. If you are travelling solo you could avail the regular shuttle services. Its way more economical. Though, it’s useful only if you don’t have a great deal of luggage.
  • If you are travelling with the family then you would need to hire a separate ride. Also you would need to see how many people are travelling with you. If you are a whole group then you could even try and hire a SUV. This way you can accommodate the luggage as well so the all the people in comfortably.
  • If you are travelling with someone with special needs or you yourself require assistance, you would need to mention it. This way the transfer service could accommodate all your needs easily.
  • Make sure you check out with at least three or four airport transfer services. Choose one which accommodates you well and is within your budget as well.

Benefits of hiring airport transfer services

  • When you hire a transfer service you can be at ease and not run around looking for a taxi. After all who wants to stand in long queues waiting to hire a taxi service at the airport? The convenience of having a shuttle service waiting to whiz you away to your destination often sounds like total bliss.
  • You also have an experienced driver who know their way well, so you don’t have to worry about being taken for a ride and having to pay exorbitant sums of money to reach your destination. Hiring a service beforehand means it’s already been paid for and you have an idea how much you have to pay.
  • Also there is no need for the extensive paper work you might have needed to do when you hire a taxi at the airport. You would have already completed the formalities by filling an online form when you booked the airport transfer service