Why your corporate event needs a photo booth hire from Melbourne

One of the supreme accessories that have made a great comeback in corporate events is the photo booth. Creating a comfortable and fun environment in trade shows, company anniversaries, marketing events, and corporate events is easily provided by photo booths.

A photo booth hire in Melbourne is the best way to advertise the success of the event and a memento of the event as well.


Reasons for a Photo Booth Hire


Hiring a photo booth for an event ensures the best memories. Here are some of the reasons to make a photo booth hire a must for any occasion or event:


Personal Touch

A personal touch of the event is provided to every guest with the customised photos from the photo booth. The surplus of props available for guest to avail of is a personal touch provided by photo booths. Renting a photo booth includes props and costumes to include glasses, plastic weapons, masks, tiaras, wigs, and so much more.


Perfect for any Corporate Function

A unique advantage is added to any corporate function by an on-site photo booth hire. Wonderful memories are captured by every guest of the event.

The diversity and versatility of photo booth hire provide the perfect backdrop for themes and size of the event. A branding campaign goes off to a good start with the utilisation of a photo booth.


Includes everyone

Hiring a professional event photographer to cover a large event can make it difficult to include everyone in photos. The only guarantee all guests can be included in the event is a photo booth hire.

Guests will have the time of their lives having their pictures captured again and again in a photo booth. A photo booth hire is a better alternative to a traditional professional photographer.


Social Interaction

Displaying the company’s logo and the guests in social media is by way of photos. The fun and exciting way to enable guests to mingle and interact with others is capturing them in photos. A photo booth hire is the smartest way to capture memories of the event and the social interaction of the guests.

The photo booth hire will not only capture the various guests but also prominently display the company’s logo. The repeated uploads to various social media platforms by the guests is one way of doing effective online branding.


Great way to increase brand exposure

An excellent approach to attract people to the company’s products and increase the exposure of the brand is to set up a photo booth during the event. Free photos in a photo booth during the event are a natural people-magnet strategy.

A special sales event featuring customised photos containing a coupon or discount is another great idea a photo booth provides. The photo memento and the attached discount will make people remember the event and brand long after it has happened.

Sales are naturally increased with the photo reminder provided to all guests of the event.



Maybe you’re convinced that a photo booth hire is what you need for your corporate event. Remember to contact Seven Events photo booth hire. We guarantee a photo booth hire that is honest, affordable, and fair. Our open-air design photo booth provides a wonderful option for your function. With this feature, cramming into a tight booth is no longer an option when you can grab all your guests and smile for the camera.



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