Choosing the Right Celebrant for your Mornington Peninsula wedding

Pivotal roles are played by various people on your wedding day. The most important role for your big day is a wedding celebrant to make the marriage official.

The choice of a celebrant Mornington Peninsula is a highly significant personal decision. Your big day will be exciting and nerve-wracking, to say the least, which makes it imperative to choose the right celebrant.

The perfect ambience for you, your ceremony, and guests can be accomplished by the right celebrant. He/she will be your partner in the paperwork and planning before the ceremony as well as celebrate and support you on the big day.

Doing your homework is the best way to find the celebrant for your big day. The choice of wedding celebrants can be challenging with the numerous available options. Where to begin your selection would be daunting if you don’t know how to go about it. Here are some tips to help narrow the search.


Referrals from family and friends

A wedding ceremony becomes exciting and livelier with the right celebrant. This means that the celebrant needs to have the right presence and personality. Asking first-hand experience referrals from people close to you is a good start to choose the celebrant to handle your wedding vows.

Newly-married friends and family members can offer the best recommendations based on their recent experience.


Recommendations from a supplier

One of the close-knit industries is the wedding business. This can be used to your advantage by asking your wedding planner or caterer their recommended celebrant. The wedding business circle is such that everybody seems to know everybody. There’s a good chance that the suppliers you’ve chosen have worked with different celebrants. Asking their honest opinion and hearing the same name from them can point you in the right direction and selection.


Wedding fairs

While you can do your search for celebrants online, meeting them in person is better. One of the best affairs to go to are the numerous wedding fairs held in your area. Meeting the different celebrants during these affairs will make you see if both of you are on the same page. Does he/she make you feel confident and relaxed? Or do you feel uncomfortable and tense with him/her? Use these wedding fairs to your advantage in finding the celebrant you feel should celebrate your big day with you.

Things a Celebrant is expected to do


What are the things a celebrant is expected to do on your big day? Saying I-do to your partner is not the only part for the planning process before, during, and after are important roles to be played by a celebrant.

Planning and processing the documentation from the wedding certificate to other legal paperwork is handled by the celebrant.

He/she will be responsible for setting up any agreed equipment like chairs and a signing table on the big day. A PA system setup is also handled by a celebrant.

The various documentations and marriage certificate will be sent by the celebrant to the proper registry after the ceremony. Doing it this way is to make the marriage official.


The personal decision of selecting a celebrant needs serious consideration. A dream wedding can be achieved with the right suppliers and the right celebrant. Your wedding is one of the memorable highlights of your life so you should give a lot of thought on how to choose the right celebrant.



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