Information on Jet Skiing in Gold Coast

A jet ski refers to a vessel designed to manoeuvre over water bodies with the help of a fuel engine that propels it to navigate the water. It works by sucking in water from one end and releasing it on the other end at high pressure causing the craft to move forward.

The craft is made durable to withstand even stormy weather that can cause rough water. It is a good idea to sit still and firm as you manoeuvre over the water body to prevent the risk of falling off from the craft.

There is also a high risk of overturning and causing severe injuries to the individuals on board.  Therefore, it is vital to keep the following safety measures that will be discussed later in this article in place when driving a jet ski to avoid accidents and injuries.

Typical injuries from jet skiing

The following are some of the common injuries suffered by individuals who drive the craft:

Head injuries – These can be fatal, especially when you move the jet ski carelessly. Head injuries can lead to death.

Burns – they occur as a result of getting in contact with hot parts of the craft or even a fire outbreak. You must be careful not to do actions that can result in a fire accident.

Broken wrists – if the jet ski quickly overturns without your consent, it can break your wrists due to inertia force.

Damaged wrist– it occurs the same way as the broken wrists case. It can be a nightmare for the victim, especially when help is not nearby.

Whip Lashes – This is the most fatal of all types of jet ski injuries. Whip lashes can lead to paralysis and possibly death.

What are some of the significant causes of jet skiing injuries?

Here are some of the careless behaviours that can lead to jet-skiing severe injuries:

Over speeding – if you become too comfortable in a watercraft that you go beyond the safe speed, it can result in severe accidents and fatal injuries. It is the common cause of jet ski injuries.

Little experience in jet skiing – if you have little knowledge of skiing, it is better not to go in deep waters or ski without an expert’s help.

Allowing youngsters to ski – children are not as focused as adults. A little distraction can take their attention resulting in loss of control.

Loss of control – if you have total loss of power for the watercraft, it can easily overturn and cause serious injuries.

Safety measures to observe while jet skiing

The above injuries can be avoided if the following safety protocols are put in place before and during jet skiing:

It would be best if you avoid drinking and driving – drinking and driving is also a common cause of most accidents. It would be best if you drive while you are sober.

You should be conscientious– you understand your skills and capabilities. Therefore, it is not wise to take any ill-considered action which could result in accidents and possible injuries.

Always have a safety tool with you – ensure that you always carry safety tools while riding. The life jacket will maintain you on the surface of the water in case you fall off the craft. On the other hand, the killing cord will turn off the vessel and avoid explosions that could lead to severe injuries.

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